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Two Days in Liverpool

Merseyside England

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DSCN0155__2_.jpgDSCN0156__2_.jpgDSCN0176.jpgI arrived in Liverpool at Lime Street rail station at noon on a Monday. Walked to Aachan Hotel on the street called Mount Pleasant taking about 10 minutes. After checking in, left the hotel by the left for about 400 yards, there on the left was the Metropolitain Cathedral up a flight of stairs. There may be a lift. To me the Cathedral is unusual, because its a circular building,well worth a vist. Entry is free.---Standing at the top of the steps on leaving, looking down Hope Street the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral can be seen,in about half a mile.-- On route i passed the Philharmonic Dining Rooms Pub, i visited on return.--- The Anglican Cathedral is the biggest in the UK ,entry is free, donations welcome. The tower can be climbed ,not by me.--After a meal and a pint at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms pub, i waked to Liverpool city centre. Near Lime Street is the St Johns Beacon (or Radio City tower), a lift gets to the top in 30 seconds. There is an admission charge. The tower is 138 metres high. Marvelous views of the tourist attractions. After a stroll round the main street,this ended my first day in Liverpool.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Day 2 started after a English cooked breakfast,with a walk down Hannover Street to the Pier Head on the river Mersey. This is where the Royal Liver Building wih the iconic Liver Birds on top is situated, the building was opened in 1911. The two fabled Liver birds stand on top ,legend has it if these two birds fly away, the city of Liverpool will cease. The birds have the names "Bella" and "Bertie"----Here on the Waterfront are the "Three Graces" ,3 buildings next too each other,Royal Liver building, The Cunard Building , and the Harbour Board building,=At the Pier Head is the ferry terminal. I took a ferry ride of about 50 minutes on the famous "Ferry across the Mersey", you can disembark on the Wirral side, but i had a lot to fit in my day so stayed on board for return---I walked to Liverpool One bus station on the main road, to catch bus 26 to Anfield, a ride of about 2 miles. Arriving at Anfield Stadium , home of Liverpoll FC, i purchased a ticket for the Stadium tour. £20 Adult , Senior £15. The tour is at your own speed. I took about an hour and half. Light refreshments are available. I returned by bus to bus statiion.---Walked across main road to Albert Dock. This is a ships dock refurbished with hotels, 3 museums,restuarants,bars and the Tate Art Gallery,and shops for tourists. Entry to Dock is free. Loads to see. After a pint of Lager in Bar at the Dock,i walked hrough some more city centre streets before going back to my hotel.------This was a lovely short Autumn break in Liverpool. ---There is a lot more to see and do. Example, The Beatles Story , The Maritime Museum, Open Top bus tour,most of the city centre streets are pedestrianised. Liverpool has good tourist signage. The local people are friendly,although i did find the local accent hard to understand at times. A scouser is a person from Lverpool,and scouse is the dialect of English.---Trains go from Lime Street to London,Manchester,York, Scarborough etc. Liverpool Airport is at John Lennon Airport.----A bit of History, King John granted Liverpool its Royal Charter in 1207.

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